Sustainability and Awards


In harmony with nature, Ceusa’s products are intended for consumers who wish to combine quality convenience and esthetics, along with the latest trends and colors of the global market. All of this in constant concern with the welfare of the people and the environment.
The industrial waste is recycled and the water needed for the manufacturing of the pieces is totally reused in the same process, with the discharge of effluents in nature. Moreover, modern equipment are used for dust collection, which ensures retention of the particulate material.
The strict environmental control results in recognition through national awards such as the Ecology Expression, the Febramec and the Frits Müller.

Human Enhancement

Ceusa also seeks the satisfaction of its employees through professional enhancement programs. The staff is comprised of employees with middle school education, and 46% (Ceusa) and 33% (Novagres) have already graduated or are studying at the university.
In 2011, Ceusa was recognized by Sesi as one of the best companies of the state of Santa Catarina in Quality at Work and it was ranked among the top 90 nationally.
It won, in 2012, the Prêmio Ser Humano (Human Being Award) from ABRH-SC, in the category People Management Cases.


Ceusa measures its growth also from the awards.

Check out the list of awards won over the last few years.

  • A Cerâmica e o Ceramista do Ano (Ceramic and Ceramist of the Year) - 2016

    ⋅ Category: 15th Mundo Cerâmico Magazine Award

    ⋅ Theme: Best Ceramic Tile Company and Ceramist of the Year 2016.

  • 25th Anamaco Award -2016

    ⋅ Category: Best average in quality aspect

    ⋅ Theme: Porcelain Tiles and Ceramic Tiles

  • 4th Aspacer Design Awards - 2016

    ⋅ Category: Porcelain tiles (1st place)

    ⋅ Theme: Olive wood

  • 4th Aspacer Design Awards - 2016

    ⋅ Category: Special Pieces (1st place)

    ⋅ Theme: 3D Tiles

  • 23rd Expressão Ecologia Awards - 2016

    ⋅ Category: Conserving Mineral Supplies

    ⋅ Theme: Using waterproofing material in ceramic base.

  • 24th Anamaco Award - 2015

    ⋅ Category: Best average in quality aspect

    ⋅ Theme: Porcelain Tiles and Ceramic Tiles

  • 17th Fritz Müller Awards - 2015

    ⋅ Category: Environment

    ⋅ Theme: Conserving Production Supplies - Mineral Resources

  • Prêmio Ser Humano SC - 2012

    ⋅ Category: People Management Case

    ⋅ Theme: Professional Development Attraction and Retention of Y Generation

  • 19th Expressão Ecologia Awards - 2012

    ⋅ Category: Conserving Mineral Supplies

    ⋅ Theme: Development of Ceramic Tiles with Digital Printing Decoration, in SuperSlim Porcelain Tiles and Inspired in Natural Tiles.

  • ´SESI Qualidade no Trabalho Award (Quality at Work) / Troféu Fiesc - 2011

    ⋅ Category: Medium-sized Company

    ⋅ Theme: Development Education

    ⋅ Project: "Internal Development Plan"

  • Febramec Award - 2011

    ⋅ Category: Raw Materials and Solid Waste - Ceusa

    ⋅ Project: Reutilization of Granulated Items

  • CNI/FIESC – SENAI Awards - 2010

    ⋅ Category: 1st place Design – Medium and Large Size Company - State Round

    ⋅ Theme: "Development of Ceramic Tiles with Decoration and Digital Printing and Inspired in Natural Tiles".