Ceusa is the only company that guarantees Dry Joint settlement, the Monotone and Monogauge system, in addition to the Flossy texture in all satin and rustic products. It has the Total Polished with the greatest brightness in the market and totally waterproof, with no staining risk.

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Through a highly qualified team, Ceusa offers training services such as lectures, courses and demonstrations for all kinds of audiences, such as self-employed tile settlers, sales clerks, architects, specifiers, builders and contractors.

The trainings offered are free of charge and can be requested through your local sales representative. Go to a retailer that markets Ceusa products and request your training. The retailer shall contact the sales representative of Ceusa.

Exclusive Design

Ceusa has a Research and Design laboratory where it develops all the products released by the company, aiming at developing innovative and exclusive products.

The product lines are developed through trend research in several segments such as fashion, architecture and technology, as well as consumption behavior and new artistic and cultural expressions, with the purpose of combining styles, techniques and concepts in authentic and creative products.


Rustic and satin products of Ceusa pass through an exclusive frosted polishing process on the surface, providing a silky and smooth touch to the pieces, expanding their resistance and, at the same time, turning its cleansing easier.

MONOTONE – Always the same tone

Products decorated with Full HD digital printing do not present tonality variation, regardless of the manufacturing batch.

Example: A Client receives a batch of a certain reference, when it rebuilds its inventory, it shall receive the same tonality. Therefore it is able to mix the remaining pieces from the previous batch, optimizing its restocking.


Ceusa rectified products do not present size variation from one production to another, i.e., they have the same length and width, regardless of the manufacturing batch.

Ceusa works with fractional measures (mm) when it rectifies the pieces, therefore having greater cut accuracy, guaranteeing constant size stability through the gauge system.


Ceusa is the only company in Brazil that guarantees dry joint settlement in all lines of rectified products, due to size stability and perfect squaring of the pieces.

Dry joint settlement is when the pieces are placed one next to the other, without any space between the pieces, providing for an environment with a single plate effect  (no splices), portraying the greatest naturalness possible and easing up cleansing and maintenance of the product.

Note: The Dry Joint system is indicated for any kind of space EXCEPT floor over floor settlements and special environments such as: saunas, fire places, barbecue pits, cold chambers and heated floors. A 02 mm joint must be applied for these places.


All polished products of Ceusa are glazed, i.e., after decoration, the products receive a layer of granilha (high resistance glass), and then they are burnt and polished.

There is no need to apply any waterproofing material to protect and generate greater brightness to the tiles, as the special finishing guarantees perfect, bright, smooth and completely waterproof surface.