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  • 1953

    Founding Ceusa

    With more than 60 years of history, Ceusa was founded in June the 30th 1953, by an association of community members of Urussanga (state of Santa Catarina), the company started its activities with 140 workers, in a 6 thousand square meters built area and producing 10 thousand square meters/month of wall tiles

  • 1980

    1980 Expansion of the factory

    By acquiring share control of Ceusa, the Oliveira Family expanded the production capacity to 60 thousand m²/Month and the area to 24 thousand m². At this same period, the single-firing process begun.

  • 1990

    1990 Double-fast Biofiring processes were implemented (implementation of new Double-fast Biofiring processes)

    Implemented in the double-fast double firing process with roll kilns, which made Ceusa the pioneer in this process in Brazil and Latin America

  • 1996

    Vertical Listello

    Ceusa releases the first line of listellos with universal shape in Brazil, subsequently becoming the largest special parts producer in Latin America.

  • 1999


    It started with a pioneering process of production of polished and rectified pieces, with high resistance glass surface. The brightest shine still available in the market of tiles.

  • 2002

    Porcelain tile presses

    In 2002, porcelain tile presses came into Ceusa’s scenery and today it stands out in the domestic market due to the excellence in tiles.

  • 2002

    Dry joint

    Ceusa released the Dry Joint in the market. Developed jointly with the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), it is a settlement system without grouting (0mm) that produces a single panel visual effect, not drawing attention to the splices of the pieces.

  • 2006


    Deployment of a new production unit called Massima, with a production capacity of 300 thousand m²/month and built area of 32 thousand m². Massima is deemed to be one of the most modern companies in Brazil and Latin America due to its technological structure.

  • 2010

    Full HD Line

    In 2010, Ceusa got into the Digital Era by investing, with a pioneering spirit, in a Full HD printing system. This means that Ceusa reproduces 100% digital high definition images in its products. All products are produced with the most advanced technology and the highest quality standards.

  • 2011

    Do It Yourself

    Ceusa released the project of customizing ceramic panels, producing tiles with the image and measures requested by the clients.

  • 2012

    3D Project

    Release of the tiles with lenticular effect off image transition, as the viewing angle presents images completely different, creating a 2 in 1 effect.

  • 2012

    Flat Roof Tile

    Ceusa innovates releasing the only 100% flat and glazed roof tile in the market.

  • 2013

    Monotone Monogauge

    Since 2013, all decorated and rectified products are monotone and monogauge, a feature developed by the company that consists in keeping the production of ceramic pieces always in the same tone and size, regardless of the production batch.

  • 2014

    AS Project

    Release of the floating floor system using porcelain tiles, an exclusive product developed for settlement without using mortar and grouting.

  • 2015

    Digital Flat Roof Tile

    The flat roof tile line is complemented with the roof tiles with digital decoration. They have natural textures reproduced in high definition and with a variation of drawings, creating a natural effect.

  • 2016

    Translucent Tiles

    Ceusa brings to the market the tiles with semitransparent base floor, which allow light to pass through, in order to create decorative effects with lighting. It is produced with special raw materials and in an exclusive production system.






To create trends, produce and commercialize ceramic tiles with quality and sophistication.


To be a benchmark in innovation, quality and services in the ceramic tiles sector.

  • Ethics

    To act with integrity and transparency.

  • Innovation

    To Create product trends, services and technology.

  • Quality

    To offer the best in products and services.

  • Pursuit for Excellence

    Clear objectives and simple in processes, with the continuous search for improvements.
    Close relationship with internal and external clients.

  • Synergy

    Among departments, reflecting positive actions for our customers.
    Founded on July 30th, 1953. It has 2 production units, the second Unit is deemed one of the most modern factories in Brazil. It has production capacity of 480 thousand m² / month and approximately 330 employees.


Founded on July 30, 1953. It has 2 production units, the second unit being considered one of the most modern factories in Brazil. Productive capacity of 480 thousand m² / month. 330 employees.