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Privacy policy

Understand how we protect your data

Ceusa is aligned with DEXCO S.A.’s Policy of Confidentiality, which was created to demonstrate the Company’s commitment to the protection and privacy of information gathered from the users of our interactive services in our corporate Internet site.

You may visit our site and learn about our products and services, check out the career opportunities, read reports, obtain information and news, without providing any personal data on yourself. Should you choose to release any information, this policy is designed to clarify how DEXCO S.A. collects and deals with personal data.

1. The personal details, which may be supplied to us by users, shall be obtained through ethical and legal means.

2. Any information, which the user of this site may supply, shall be collected and kept in accordance with rigid standards of safety and confidentiality. The users shall be notified as to which information shall be retained before the moment of actual collection.

3. Unless legally or judicially required to do so, this user information shall not be transferred to third parties or used for purposes different from those for which the information was collected.

4. This site contains links to other external sites, the contents and confidentiality policies for which DEXCO S.A. is not liable. The Company has no access to information collected by cookies (*) present in the sites directed by these links.

5. For administrative purposes, we may eventually use cookies (*). In this case, the user may at any time, activate his/her browser for notifying when the cookies have been activated or to ensure that they are not activated.

(*) Cookie: a small file placed on the hard drive in your computer for tracking movements through the websites.

Terms of use

Terms and condition

Navigation and public consultation of this site is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

Guarantees, Responsibilities and Losses
• DEXCO S.A. does not warrant that the content, the instruments and the material contained, used and supplied in this site are precisely updated or complete, and accepts no liability for damages caused by eventual errors of content or equipment faults.

DEXCO S.A. accepts no liability, expressly or tacitly, for the incorrect use of the information, instruments, content made available and/or equipment used by this site, irrespective of the purpose, made by any user, the latter accepting full responsibility for eventual infringements of own or third party rights, caused or otherwise by this incorrect use.

Under no circumstances, DEXCO S.A., its management or employees shall be held liable for any direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, losses or expenses in connection with this site, or use on their part, or incapacity to use by any party, or with respect to any performance fault, error, omission, interruption, defect or delay in the operation or transmission, computer virus or line or system fault, irrespective of DEXCO S.A. or its representatives being notified of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses.

The correct operation of all the Internet resources, without exception, is the entire responsibility of the user of the site.

DEXCO S.A. accepts no liability for the content of the other sites (a) the addresses of which are listed in the pages of this site, or (b) in which the address of this site is listed in these other sites. DEXCO S.A. bears no liability for the reimbursement of any damages caused by the sites mentioned in this item.

On the exchange of messages between the user and DEXCO S.A. through the Internet, please consult out Confidentiality Policy.

Confidentiality of Information
DEXCO S.A. reserves the right to improve the functionality of this site in the light of analysis and consolidation of information and suggestions received and of the opportunities which arise therefrom to the benefit of the users of the site. For more information on the use of information collected through this site, please see our Confidentiality Policy.

Use of Information
The information made available in this site is subject to alteration without prior notice or authorization.• The quotations and other information herein supplied are disclosed exclusively for information purposes only. DEXCO S.A. does not accept any liability for any inaccuracies or omissions, neither does it accept liability for decisions taken on the basis of this information.

Copyright and Intellectual Property
Unless otherwise stated, all the content of the pages of this site, such as information, material, instruments, page organization, graphs and designs, are the property of DEXCO S.A. or third parties that have freely ceded rights to their use.

Comment on EBITDA
EBITDA is a widely used measure for evaluating operating profit and estimating the cash generation capacity of the Company. The inclusion of information on EBITDA is designed to provide a measure of DEXCO S.A.’s capacity to generate cash from its operations. EBITDA corresponds to an acronym in English - Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization, the corresponding acronym in Portuguese being LAJIDA, Lucro antes dos Juros, Impostos, Depreciação e Amortização.

Terms of Acceptance
Having accessed this site and any of its pages, the user shall automatically accept all the Terms and Conditions herein established. For this reason, please cease to navigate or publicly consult the pages of this site should you not agree with all the foregoing Terms and Conditions.

The tolerance for possible non-compliance of the Terms of Use and Conduct section by the user shall not constitute a waiver of the right to demand compliance with the obligation, pardon, or alteration of what is provided herein.

Legislation and Forum
These Terms of Use and Conduct are governed by Brazilian law. Any disputes or controversies originated by any acts practiced in connection with the use of the site by users, including the non-compliance with the Terms of Use and Conduct or for the infringement of DEXCO’s rights and/or third parties, including intellectual property rights, of secrecy and personality, will be processed in the Capital District of the State of São Paulo.